Due to the COVID-19 virus and based on recommendations by health and safety experts, all Secretary of State Driver Services Facilities are closed to the public. Essential Secretary of State staff are working. All driver’s licenses, instruction permits, permits and identification cards that were set to expire on or after March 17, 2020 are being extended for a period of 30 days.

This includes School Bus Permits. We recognize that it may be difficult to complete the annual refresher training during this period, so a grace period of 30 days will be allowed for completion of this training. 

The “standard” 30 day grace period has always only applied to the renewal of the School Bus Driver Permit with SOS. There has never been a grace period for the refresher class. This new emergency ruling from SOS adds a 30 day grace period to the date of expiration of the School Bus Permit as well as 30 days to attend a refresher class.


Jane’s annual refresher date is March 20. Originally she had to attend a refresher class within one year of March 20. The SOS emergency rule will now extends the March 20 date to April 20. If Jane does not have a refresher class completed by April 20, she would not be allowed to transport students.

Jane’s School Bus Driver Permit expires April 1, 2020. The SOS emergency rule extends that expiration of the School Bus Driver Permit to May 1, 2020. Her permit must be renewed with SOS by May 1, 2020. If SOS does not receive all her required renewal materials by May 1, 2020, the 30 day grace period would begin and SOS must receive Jane’s renewal by June 1. During this time, she would not be allowed to transport students.

Macon-Piatt ROE #39 understands that there will be an influx of bus drivers needing this as soon as we are allowed to offer the trainings again. We will continue to work with you and add trainings as needed. Please follow our website for updates at www.maconpiattroe.org.

Thank you,

Jill Reedy, Assistant Regional Superintendent

Macon-Piatt ROE #39